Headstart (14+) Young Driver Course

£40.00 - £80.00

**Currently our Headstart training course is on hold. We are looking for a new venue to carry out the training**

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This training programme is designed to:

✅provide young drivers (14+ years of age) with their first opportunity to get a feel for what driving is all about and simply enjoy the adventure of being in the driving seat;
✅provide young drivers aged 16-17 years old with a head start in the lead up to gaining their provisional license and getting ready for their regular driving lessons. On this occasion, training is most effective if undertaken 3 to 6 months prior to someone’s 17th birthday.

Programme aims to improve their understanding of the key foundations of driving including learning the basics of car control, manoeuvring and forming positive driving attitudes that can improve their safety on the road.
In the stress-free surroundings of an off-road facility and with the friendly, expert guidance of a qualified instructor, you will have the opportunity:

• to become familiar with the controls and performance of a car
• and to give you a ‘headstart’ before going on the road

We have been voted as one of the best rated driving schools in Aberdeen in since 2016 through to 2021 based on local reviews, history, trading standards, ratings, satisfaction, trust, price and general excellence.
1. Arrange your session with one of our trainers by emailing info@roadwisedrivertraining.co.uk
2. Vouchers can be redeemed by quoting the '#XXXX-XXXXXX' transaction code after you have arranged a session with one of our instructors.

We love them – please get in touch on 08000 151 642 (works on WhatsApp as well) or email info@roadwisedrivertraining.co.uk

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