Parent and Young Driver Session


During Parent and Young Driver sessions a parent sits in the back of the car and observes coaching by a professional driving instructor. This allows the parent to work in tandem with the driving instructor to ensure that the young driver is getting more consistency in relation to best practices on route to a driving test.

While observing a lesson being given by the instructor a parent/guardian will be able to:

-> See the learning process at first hand and
-> Gain tips and advice on how to structure a lesson which will be compatible with the coaching structure adopted by the driving instructor

The additional practice sessions(s) will not only be of great benefit to the young driver but will also give the parent/guardian an opportunity to:

-> Refresh their Highway Code knowledge
-> Ensure their own driving standard meets modern day requirements
-> The satisfaction of working with their child to meet a mutually beneficial goal – the acquisition of a driving licence by the young driver