UK Road Familiarisation Course


Have you recently relocated to the UK?
Are you looking to learn how to navigate local roads in a safer manner?

Then this coaching programme is for you. During the 3.5 hours’ session together with your trainer you will cover all the aspects of driving in the UK (roundabouts, road markings, junctions etc.)

Sessions are aimed to build on your existing knowledge. Among all the benefits by attending this course you will learn defensive driving principles and fuel management techniques that will help to increase your safety markings on the UK roads.

By attending this coaching course you will be able to:
• Increase an understanding of specifics and rules of driving on the UK roads
• Apply coaching advice specific to their risks
• Be able to reduce the likelihood of being involved in a collision
• Improve their ability to perceive risks and identify hazards related to driving in the UK

The training is carried out on 1:1 ratio over 3.5 hours per session.

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* By training with us you support the local charitable work of Aberdeen Foyer
* Purchased vouchers are valid for one year.
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